Brazen Hazen

Mixed Roast Gift Basket

Mixed Roast Gift Basket

100% Kona Coffee - 1lb (16oz)


2 lbs of 100% Kona Coffee fresh roasted and delivered in a beautifully crafted gift basket. 1lb Medium Roast and 1lb Dark Roast.

Grown on the cool slopes of the Hualalai volcano, our family-run coffee estate sits in harmony among old growth Kona coffee and tropical fruit trees, fragrant flower gardens and walking trails. Many of the trees on our farm are 90+ years old. 

Like crafting a great wine, an impressive hands-on process is required to produce quality Kona coffee. We hand-pick our cherries and roast-to-order to ensure that our customers are receiving the freshest possible 100% Kona coffee - straight from our farm to their front door. 

Fresh Brew Club

Be brazen and join the Kona ritual. Get fresh roasted 100% Kona Coffee delivered directly to your front door.