Brazen Hazen

Medium Roast - Ground Coffee (Monthly)

Medium Roast - Ground Coffee (Monthly)

100% Kona Coffee - 1lb (16oz)


1 lb. (16 oz) Ground Coffee. 

Receive our popular Medium Roast every month with the ability to adjust your shipments at any time.

Our Medium Roast retains most of the original Kona coffee characteristics and is higher in caffeine. You will notice a brightness that keeps the sweet cocoa, floral and fruity notes front and center.

Grown on the cool slopes of the Hualalai volcano, our family-run coffee estate sits in harmony among old growth Kona coffee and tropical fruit trees, fragrant flower gardens and walking trails. Many of the trees on our farm are 90+ years old. 

Like crafting a great wine, an impressive hands-on process is required to produce quality Kona coffee. We hand-pick our cherries and roast-to-order to ensure that our customers are receiving the freshest possible 100% Kona coffee - straight from our farm to their front door. 

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Be brazen and join the Kona ritual. Get fresh roasted 100% Kona Coffee delivered directly to your front door.